About us

Our evil plan is to spread  across the world! *cue maniacal laughter*

I am James and I am committed to providing realtors with more access to something that real estate boards hate…passing exams easier than ever!

What were you expecting? Homework? As if.

This devious plan to make students miserable comes in 5 important phases. Are you taking notes?

Phase 1 – Get your act together – get enrolled in the course – and forget the books
Phase 2 – Come to my touring classes
Phase 3 – Do as I say – ALWAYS
Phase 4 – Study in the groups that I setup
Phase 5 – Do my mock exams – oh I gots access to juicy insider information!
Phase 6 – Pass the exam

These materials are for realtors who want to excel in their carreers with enjoyable learning activities! After all, we know that agents in the field learn best with visual aids … right? So, feel free to poke around and check things out. Just be sure not to catch our awesomeness — we hear it’s going around!

James-real-estate-educatorSigning out,


Kick Ass Jedi Real Estate Master

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