Dear disciple: Sharing is caring. Free Real Estate Career Resources for Canadians

sharing-real-estate-resourcesReal estate is one of the most lucrative careers that a person can go into. If you live in Canada and are considering pursuing a career in the profitable industry then this article is for you. The rest of this article is all about finding free real estate career resources for Canadians. 

Being that we live in the 21st century any resource that is deemed to be “free” is going to be online. Therefore it is not exclusively for Canadians but for anybody in the world since we are becoming one big global society. 

  • One resource is This site features everything from job tips and advice all the way up to job leads and career guidance. There is also a section entitled “Insiders Perspective” and a few webinars and other podcasts to help prepare you for a career in the real estate industry. Do not forget the section market “hiring trends” on the home page either. 
  • Over at you have the Urban Land Institute. The homepage features a list of podcasts that introduces you to the field of real estate and goes into detail as to where the opportunities are at and what employers want from a real estate agent. There is also a category marked publications so you can read extra literature as well as a section about membership so you can join the institute and network with other real estate professionals in Canada, or wherever you live if you are outside of that area and reading this article. 

Those are the main websites where you can get all the information you want to help you plan your lucrative career in the real estate industry in Canada. Being a global economy they can apply to almost anywhere in the world, or at least the basic idea of how to buy and sell homes.