Pass that dreaded UBC real estate exam in Vancouver

Pass the UBC real estate exam in British Columbia!

tutor for ubc exam for real estate agents in vancouverLet’s face it, The UBC Vancouver real estate licensing exam is a real pain in the Ars – and let’s face it… it makes you no Jedi in real estate. The course material books are not well written, the lectures are out of date, and worse, neither help you really to pass the exam. The courses offer several options for those who’d like to start a better career in Real Estate, that is for sure. However, I am here to help you PASS.

Whether you are new to the Real Estate industry or area  veteran from another country or province, I can offer you the best guidance on how to actually pass the exam – from the comfort of your own home or house.

Canadian Real Estate Professionals know that the home sellers and buyers and Commercial Real Estate developers and leasers are savvy people who expect high quality, highly educated sales people in their Real Estate teams. The best way to know what is going in with the frequent changes experienced in Real Estate is to take online courses on a regular basis in order to stay up to date and offer the best possible knowledge to go along with your Real Estate sales and product.

With my tutoring courses you will be able to keep up with any competition you may encounter, and stay one step ahead of your competition by expanding your knowledge and experience in the Canadian Real Estate industry. Every area has its owns laws and profiles for what people want in Real Estate, and each Province in different in how things are regulated. With a solid foundation of knowledge and regular coursework from me you’ll not only pass the exam but will also be the most savvy Realtor around! And let’s face it, we have a really hot market so let’s take advantage of it!

For Appraisers: Canadian Real Estate Online Course Appraisal Program

vancouver real estate ubc examWith our Appraisal Program you will learn the best ways to appraise a property or set of properties for sale or insurance purposes in Canada, a very profitable industry in appraisals in Canada awaits you! What to look for that goes beyond the ‘obvious’, and how everyday features can sometimes really enhance the value of a property. Our course covers basics of appraisal, types of appraisals, approaches to appraisal and valuation. You will also learn case studies and worksheets which can help you make sure you have covered every aspect of appraisal in the most professional manner. Learn techniques others use with success and how to write effective reports for your client. Aspects of reports which show credibility, and the liability you must protect against when submitting your appraisal. How to keep calm during disputes in appraisals. Key organizing strategies to keep the paperwork straight and the final compilation as low stress as possible. You will learn how to keep your information organized, relevant, and current as well as what a finished professional appraisal report should look like. If you want to give the best appraisals, start our course today.

Real Estate Tutoring – Canadian Realtor Program

Type of possessions in real estate – sample module

Our Realtor Program will help you to gain the confidence and knowledge that you need in order to present a professional appearance as a Realtor. You’ll brush up on sales techniques, cold calls, social media and more. Find out the best ways to organize yourself at the office and for taxation purposes. Decide if you would like to be your own employer or if you would like to join a chain or local Real Estate company. Figure out how to promote yourself and sell your services. Common mistakes Realtors make, and quick keys to success as a Realtor. Test your knowledge about the best tools of the trade, and common advertising strategies that work and those which fail. You’ve probably heard mixed reviews about becoming a Realtor – some people take to it like ducks to water and others seem to struggle the first year or two. Struggle no more with our Realtor Program as your background coach. Save time and money trying to figure it all out as you go along and take the Realtor Program today.

Agency Program in Vancouver, Canada

Online modules

According to a local site, vancouver real estate set to rise 9.8% in 2015, prices 5.6%. Have you ever wanted to set up your own Vancouver realty agency but didn’t know where to start or how to do it? Our comprehensive Agency Program offers the answers to all the questions you may have and all the questions that you didn’t know you should have! We are located right in the core of Downtown Vancouver and teach many realtors from Vancouver and the lower mainland and some even from across Canada! Learn how to do professional business books, successfully lease a location, bring in off-the-street customers, how to hire staff who will work for you. Additionally you will learn how to have confidence in your own experience and make the decisions which are best for you and your business.

manage your canadian realty team
learn how to manage your team

Get information on how to manage your own sales team, resolve in-office disputes, and make difficult decisions such as firing or laying off employees. Real Estate Teams are a key to selling in high energy markets. One of the things I speak of in my coaching is to make a niche team. For example , this team in Canada, made a niche of selling only downtown vancouver condos for sale and have done quite well. Also learn how to boost morale, create a strong and energetic team atmosphere, and more. You will also learn how to avoid various liabilities, which contracts you must always use, and what to do if something goes wrong. Is being a Broker right for you? Learn how today the best for to beat the competition is to build a real estate team. How much responsibility is yours and how much is each of your agents’? How much do you charge agents to come join your firm, and what advertising packages do you offer your recruits? Also learn how to teach your agents of how to “trust sell” in British Columbia, how to correctly buy and sell property in Vancouver, how to stage an apartment for sale in downtown Vancouver, how to best market your listings on mls in Vancouver, and sell condos in East Vancouver to luxury West Vancouver homes to how to sell businesses and much more!

Vancouver Tiny Houses

A New website has revealed that tiny houses are a marketable solution to the affordability crisis in Vancouver! This means that you could develop an entire new niche using your real estate diploma!

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